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Australian Wool Innovation’s marketing arm, the Woolmark Company, has unveiled the latest round of innovative wool fabrics and the newest version of the Wool Lab, highlighting the great versatility of wool as a natural fibre.

Correctly assessing whether conditions are appropriate for planting is an essential step towards achieving a good plant stand. John Marshall discusses the environmental and management factors that may impact on crop establishment.
New AutoTrac™ Vision for early crops. New AutoTrac™ RowSense™. Both help your sprayer stay on course without taking out crops or wearing out operators.
A controversial Meat & Livestock Australia TV ad promoting lamb as the meat to eat has attracted more than 30 complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau. The ad is seen to make fun of Hindu deity Lord Ghanesh. Watch it here.
It we don’t value the clean, safe, high quality fresh food, we’ll lose it. This was a point of view this week from popular website blogger milkmaidmarian

Australian agriculture has emerged as the fastest growing sector and the largest contributor to national GDP growth in 2016-17, cementing its position as one of the economic powerhouses driving the nation.

Emerging University of Sydney star student Alex John shares his tips on taking the slug out of sluggish through automatic milking system diet modifications and improved animal nutrition. Understanding the factors influencing grazing behaviour is fundamental to unlocking the full potential of AMS.

University of Sydney engineer Professor Salah Sukkarieh has won the 2017 CSIRO Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science, presented at a gala dinner on 30 August in the Sydney Town Hall.

The National Wild Dog Action Plan and Remote Area Planning and Development Board this week launched a new video highlighting the success of their cluster fencing project in central western Queensland.
Behind the scenes video of the photo shoot for the Vets Uncovered calendar 2018. Find out more about the project and the charity and order your copy online at www.vetsuncovered.com. Please Enjoy!
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