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Milk record

Dedicated Kiwi farmer milks over 5000 cows to set a new world record.

Climate outlook

Below average rainfall expected for central Australia from March to May as La Nina in the Pacific declines. Warmer than average days and nights expected for the northeast, central and southern parts of Australia.

NSW drought assistance

The NSW Government’s Farm Business Skills Program aims to help primary producers better manage their on-farm risk and the manage the finances that drive their businesses.
Thursday, 15 February 2018 14:22

MDB plan stalls

The Murray Darling Basin Plan faces an uncertain future following a decision by Federal Labor to side with the Greens in voting to disallow a proposal to free up water earmarked for the 'environment'.

Talking cancer

Two farmers from Penola, South Australia, star in a new video targeting rural Australians battling cancer.

DNA testing

Developing a flock with the right mix of genetics once took successive generations to perfect. Today DNA testing has put Geelong sheep and wool producer Jack Briscoe on a fast track to success. .

Farm technology

Farming is being revolutionised by a wave of new technologies. That's great news—by the year 2050 Earth's population will be 10 billion, so we need to almost double the amount of food we now produce.
Saturday, 10 February 2018 07:27

Beef patents pegged

Meat & Livestock Australia has welcomed a decision in the Federal Court of Australia that effectively requires Cargill USA and Branhaven LLC to wind back the broad scope of their Australian patent application for cattle selection methods.

Thursday, 08 February 2018 10:41

Market insights

Red meat producers now have access to in-depth insights into what is driving demand for Australian product in global markets and domestically with the release of Meat & Livestock Australia’s new online market snapshots.

Climate outlook

The monthly Climate and Water Outlook video covers rainfall, streamflow and temperature for the next three months. For more detail, go to http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/ahead/
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