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Wednesday, 19 November 2014 18:58


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What will your experience be by using PS Stockbook and  individual animal management?

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Our staff have the unique combination of understanding business performance, EID equipment, and the sheep and beef industries.

One important tip before you purchase PS Stockbook is to set goals and know what it is you want to achieve before buying software and hardware.

It’s about delivering improved livestock profitability.

  1. How will I save time?
    • Collect data in the yards! Connect your EID reader and scales to your computer. Key selection  information is immediately available.
    • Data from EID readers and scales can be imported after handling.
    • Interact with third parties, ie Breed societies and the NLIS database. Please note if you are a participant with Lambplan / MerinoSelect you do need to conduct transactions with an approved platform.
    • Use PS Stockbook for manual or automatic drafting.
    • Identify and draft selected animals, no need to “mark” animals.
    • Produce a range of reports that will report your profitability.
    • Self - check NLIS database records, (especially important if you are sending animals to an EU market).
  2. Why will PS Stockbook and individual animal management save money?
    • Save capital by reducing unproductive stock.
    • Analyse sire performance in terms of weight gain, fertility and any other profit driver.
    • Reduce husbandry costs by removing underperforming animals.
    • Reduce labour by removing underperforming animals.
  3. How will PS Stockbook make me more money?
    • Not only can you predict likely turnoff weights, you know who will “fit the grid”.
    • By using PS Stockbook and maintaining life time traceability you can participate in the benefits available to EU producers.
    • Select sires that deliver to your breeding objective.
    • Make informed marketing decisions taking into account weights and prevailing market prices.
    • Practical Systems can help you write your own reports and catalogues, it’s all about understanding your business and meeting your needs and expectations.

Preview the sample reports.

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