Online gambling has become a global problem no longer being confined to mmc996 casinos, racetracks, and informal games with your friends. Online gambling became one among the fastest-growing sectors of all worth 385 billion dollars around the world in 2016. So who’s keeping an eye on this life-changing addiction?  Due to easy access all over your phones, children who have problems with gambling have risen over the year with kids as young as 11 addicted to gambling. Is it possible to escape from it at all?


Current scenario:

It’s easy picking up your phone, betting online has become one of the fastest-growing forms of gambling at a counter for a living per cent of 385 billion dollars of gambling profits in 2016. More than 2 million within the UK are problem gamblers or in danger of addiction. This information is accessible to all right from your phones to straightway in the streets. Almost half a millions of kids have admitted to betting regularly with it being so easy to gamble online. How can it be controlled? Once addicted, it’s like a weekly dose of medicine there’s no cure, all one can do is be surrounded by other people who are similar to you, and it helps them to listen. 


Online gambling has become much more prevalent, and advertises ability and availability have a huge impact on the numbers certainly of women who are coming forward with a gambling addiction essentially. We need to acknowledge the fact that gambling is in itself, a form of emotional medication. It’s a high level of stress, depression, or anxiety and the cause of gambling lies in additional consequences where people start to lose too much money and time. The youngest gambler observed was a nine-year-old. Young is more focused and preoccupied with the digital world that it blocks them from having experiences when they’re growing.


How to overcome?

Authorities are taking it more seriously and what is more needed is education around the real reasons why people are developing an addiction because when it comes to gambling, it’s very easy to get focused on money as gambling cost money. The gambling industry is greedy as they want money, and the products that they are producing are aimed to get a good business. More awareness should be created about what develops the problem and not just get fixated on products and money. It’s about creating a protective bubble around one’s self when a gambling problem develops. It essentially feels that the world outside for whatever reason feels too harsh. When gambling becomes an addiction to a man or woman, it isn’t about the money that they lost chasing that; we usually see the end consequences. You desperately try to win the money back. 


The wider communities or authorities should also focus more on medicine for gambling addiction as for alcohol and drugs. It is considered as a silenced addiction and why can’t we talk around real issues on gambling addiction. Recovery courses should be developed for helping people heal from this addiction. Life will be better with your priorities in the right order. Once you are out of it, don’t intend to do it again. Life will be better if you don’t gamble.